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Wedding Reception Quotes

Palm Beach, Florida

Wedding, Corporate, and Social Event Caterer in Palm Beach

The Purpose of This Website is to educate and inform Palm Beach Florida potential brides and grooms, hosts and hostesses, chairmen and chairwomen, as well as laypeople who are thinking about hiring South Florida vendors such as caterers, wedding planners, venues, décor and design companies, wedding photographers, florists, invitations, entertainment, bands or Disk Jockeys.

Palm Beach Florida is the premier special event, fundraising, social gala, beach wedding and party destination of the United States. Seasonal residents and permanent South Florida inhabitants are presented with a wide variety of venues and locations throughout the Palm Beaches to host elaborate corporate and fundraising functions and lavishly extravagant weddings to elegant intimate parties celebrating milestones such as anniversaries, dinner parties, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs and graduations.

We hope to direct you to the resources you need in order to make informed decisions about special event professionals you might contract with. The following paragraphs summarize the most important aspects to consider when choosing different vendors for your special event.

Facility Rental Fees

Facility rental fees for special event or wedding venues or locations vary greatly. Factors which affect pricing include the time of year (the "season"), the time of the day or night, the day of the week, the geographical location, proximity to a waterfront, the reputation, the property's value, the skill and assistance of the venues staff and the demand for the location.

If you are willing to hold your event during a non-peak time, then you will enjoy considerable savings and a more personal level of service.

West Palm Beach Caterers

Caterers are plentiful in West Palm Beach Florida and in South Florida. There are no official sets of credentials or qualifications required for a caterer to label themselves a "caterer". There are many skill sets involved in catering including exceptional time management skills, attention to detail, an eye for décor and color palate, customer service, improvisational thinking, unique conceptualization and ideas, multi-tasking, coordination, human resource allocation and of course original types of food combinations and presentations.

There are several areas worth exploring in greater detail when interviewing your list of potential caterers. The most important attribute to look for in a caterer is patience and how efficiently and effectively they respond to your inquiries and make the necessary changes to your proposal.

Here are some useful areas to look into:

  • Make sure to ask for references from past clients of the caterer for a similar event and follow up to make sure that the reviews are unequivocally positive.
  • Ask for proof of liability insurance
  • Look at pictures of past events to give you ideas of what the caterer can do for your event.
  • Ask for a copy of the caterer's liquor license and liquor liability insurance
  • Do a tasting of the caterer's food at their facility to make sure you are pleased with your selections and the caterer's presentation.
  • Develop a rapport with the caterer where you feel comfortable asking questions and asking for changes to the original plan.
  • Like anything else you purchase, you get what you pay for when hiring a caterer.

Professional Caterers

Once you have satisfied this list, you can feel confidant that you are dealing with a professional caterer who has your best interests in mind. Remember you are dealing with a professional caterer who has produced hundreds or thousands of events and probably knows the best way to execute an idea based on experience.

This does not mean your idea may not be fantastic but its outcome may not be what you expected due to budget, technical or time constraints.

Here are several indications of a caterer whom you may not want to work with:

  • If the caterer is unresponsive to your inquiries or frequently unavailable for queries
  • If the caterer will not deviate from their menus
  • If the caterer refuses to offer reasonable assistance outside of their contracted tasks
  • If you do not feel comfortable engaging the caterer in conversation about your event
  • If the caterer will not provide references
  • If the caterer does not have an occupational license, liquor license, liability insurance, or food safety and sanitation certifications
  • If the caterer prepares food out of a residence and not a commercial kitchen regulated by The Department of Business and Professional Regulation

I hope these guidelines for choosing a West Palm Beach Caterer will help you in your decision making process. Choosing a caterer for your special event or wedding is an important decision that sdeserves due diligence in order to ensure the success of your important event.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Wedding Photographer is a very personal decision. There are as many styles of photography as there are types of artists. Choosing a photographer is much like investing in a work of art which you will be committed to living with.

There is a tremendous variance in price between the various available wedding photographers. Like your caterer, you will get what you pay for. The photographer you choose does not necessarily need to be located in West Palm Beach or South Florida although this area is home to some of the finest in the country.

Photographers often travel to destination weddings and events if you are able to purchase their airfare and accommodations. Much like your choice of caterer, the primary qualifications for your wedding photographer are similar. They must evoke a certain comfort level where you can openly communicate your vision. The choice of photographer will not only be a memory but your only physical manifestation of the wedding.

Palm Beach Wedding Florists

Florists are as abundant as caterers in West Palm Beach Florida. Their styles are equally as varied as caterers and photographers. Their prices are affected by many of the same factors as caterers and venues.

The types of flowers and the complexity of the arrangements will greatly dictate the price as well as the vase or vessel chosen to display the floral arrangements. I would urge any bride or hostess to look at pictures of past weddings or special events to familiarize oneself with the florist's style and color palate.

Flower arrangements are not only unique in design and highly personal like art but must be coordinated with other elements of décor such as chargers, linen napkins, specialty table clothes and furniture style and color (chivari chair, chair cover...). Just like caterers, check the references and ask to see samples if your event is large enough in scale like a wedding or corporate gala.

Palm Beach Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment should reflect the theme or mood that you are trying to convey. South Florida and West Palm Beach has a multitude of entertainment companies to choose from. Entertainment can include a Disk Jockey (DJ), a jazz quartet, a chamber music trio, a mariachi band, a steel drum soloist, a jazz guitarist, a harpist, a swing band, a Broadway style review and that's just music.

You may also want to integrate other types of interactive entertainment which add excitement and energy to the event such as casino games, flight simulators, roaming magicians, oxygen bars, carnival games, photo booths, inflatables, bounce houses, sports games and fun foods.

If at this point you have developed a relationship of trust and confidence with your caterer, it is a good idea to get a professional recommendation of a few different entertainment companies to interview.

Palm Beach Wedding Planners

Wedding planners can be very helpful on the day of the event. Wedding planners can help choose the various vendors and ensure they all have the proper information regarding their schedules for the day of the wedding. They can help coordinate the various vendors and the timeline of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

However, it is imperative that you get references and how long they have been in business. Like caterers, there are no credentials required to call oneself a wedding planner. Many "wedding planners" are simply people who have helped their friends plan a small scale wedding.

Décor and Design Companies

Décor and Design companies are a welcome addition to any special event or wedding. West Palm Beach and South Florida has enough natural beauty on it's own if your event is on the beach or waterfront. If you want to transform your venue in order to differentiate the space from other events that have taken place there, or you need to wow your guests with a particular theme, then hiring a dëcor and design company is critical.

Any room or space should be thought of as a blank canvas where a talented designer can transport your guests through time and space to feel like they are really part of the event. Most events and weddings can be impressively decorated if the caterer decorates their food displays, the tables are beautifully set and the centerpieces are perfect.

I hope this has been a helpful tool in the decision making process.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any more information, resources and advice: Email Aaron of Aaron's Catering

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